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Cupcakes have become hugely popular as people have realized that these perfectly personally-sized cakes are magic in your mouth. My name is Kim, and I bake cupcakes. I love to experiment with new flavors and themes to come up with cupcakes that are beautiful and delicious. My blog will take you through the steps to making a perfect cupcake and will show you a variety of ways to decorate your creations so you can show them off to friends and family. If you have the time and patience, you can make adorable cupcakes all on your own.


Why You Should Stock Whole Wheat Grain Buns In Your Bakery

Opening a new bakery can be a profitable business, especially if you are about to provide multiple options when it comes to bread. You must keep in mind that some people are conscious about their health, so it is a good idea to sell whole wheat options along with white, such as wheat buns. This article gives you more insight on why wheat buns are a healthy bread item to sell in your bakery.

1. Wheat Buns Are Packed with Nutrients

Whole wheat buns are a healthy food item because the wheat germ that they are made with contains over 20 nutrients. Wheat germ contains some of the most vital nutrients that the human body needs, such as iron. The reason why iron is so important is due to it being used for maintaining a healthy supply of blood. Basically, iron sends oxygen to blood cells to prevent health conditions like anemia. Another vital nutrient that is found in wheat germ is calcium, which can keep the heart and bones healthy.

2. Wheat Increases Antioxidant Activity

Your customers that are health conscious may also enjoy whole wheat buns because consuming them can fight against major diseases like cancer. The antioxidants in wheat are able to control the activity of free radicals in the human body. It is important to keep free radicals under control because they can damage cells. For instance, the human body can accumulate unnatural quantities of cells that lead to the formation of cysts that can be malignant. Consuming wheat can basically regulate free radicals.

3. Wheat Germ Contains Fiber

Another health benefit that your customers can enjoy if you sell whole wheat buns is fiber. What makes fiber healthy is the effect that it has on the bowels. Some people like to consume wheat bread because it can assist with having bowel movements in an easier manner.  Not being able to have bowel movements when the need arises can lead to a lot of abdomen pain. Plus, it is important to release human feces through the bowels to get rid of toxins.

4. Wheat Fights Against Chronic Inflammation

Whole wheat buns are healthy because of the betaine that they contain. Betaine helps protect against the pain caused by rheumatic disease like osteoporosis. If inflammation is already present in the body, betaine can reduce it.

Invest in a supply of whole wheat kaiser buns from a place like Klosterman Baking Company for your bakery so your customers will have a healthy option to purchase.